Thursday, April 20

Primer Anuncio

Here we are then! Who'd a thunk I'd actually go through with a blog. I've often thought, 'who am I to think I've got a life worthy of posting to a blog?' Scratch that idea and forge ahead, right? Totally. So here we are. Not sure what this will lead to, but it's worth a shot. I so enjoy reading my friends' blogs that I figured I could note what the goings-on around these parts are. You know, to let those far and wide who are interested in our world, whether it be personal, political, or whatever. And with that, my very first post.


Tara n' Josh said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! I'm trying to get some tape together to send you the promised Doble de Amigos CD.

Tara n' Josh said...

Hi Taibers! So you joined the world of blogging, eh? It's fun! Now we get to see your gorgeous family more :) love, tara

mamafitz said...

what fun, another blog to read! :) now we just need to get julie to start blogging -- with the new baby p coming, she has the perfect reason.