Tuesday, August 1

Dean & Gene

Yesterday Molly and I traveled to Des Moines to catch an evening with Ween. We met up with Monica and Tim, and Amy and Tim, had a delectable dinner prepared by "Tim Thelen Everybody," piled into the Sprinter, got to the show, and just as we were getting our first beer Dean and Gene kicked in "Spinal Menengitis." You have to know the band.

How to describe them for those who don't know...they are rare, unique, funny--no hilariously side-splitting. The lyrics are none too many people sing about; dark. They make fun with dark. These gents are extremely talented, so across the board you can't label them in a genre. Unfortunately, some may not get it and be offended by the duo. No need. No need. They're harmless, peculiar...totally off-the-wall great.

Off to the show. You've got me driving, Molly riding shotgun, Monica behind me, Tim Thelen Everybody next to her, and Amy and Tim in the way back. They dug the bus.

Deaner's "Buenas Tardes Amigo" which of course led into "The HIV Song." Chocolate and Cheese is the album. Check it.

Amy, Monica, Tim & Molly jammin

Monica, Me, Molly




The drive, the show, even coming home wreaking of cigarette smoke from the antiquated Val Air Ballrom. It was all worth it.

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Tara n' Josh said...

So fun!! Monica and Time are so cute...love it.