Saturday, August 5

Friday Fun!

After the sweltering heat of the past couple of weeks, the humidity subsided and we all welcomed the cooler breezes in its absence. My mom came up from IC for a golf date with me. She and I played 9 holes at Centennial Oaks after a light lunch.

64 strokes later, we all piled into the, you guessed it, SPRINTER!, to head to IC to celebrate our 7-year anniversary at hotelVetro in downtown IC, a gift from good old Ann & Doug. My folks watched the yahoos for the occasion, yet another part of the gift from them to honor our dedication to one another.

Our romantic evening commenced with a six pack of Bud Light on the balcony of our room.

People, this place is choice. I highly recommend the splurge when visiting your Alma Mater. There's no way you'd regret it!

I had to capture the sink. Just had to.

The pictures of the rooms on the provided website link above are totally accurate. That is exactly what they look like. Very IKEA-esque. Contemporary. Sealed cement floors with area rugs providing just the right amount of comfort. Straight lines everywhere you look. The bed was as cushy as a cloud with what had to have been 5000-count cotton linens. A truly lovely experience for our anniversary.

Following the sixer, we headed to our reservation at One Twenty Six, at 126 E Washington. Where Great Mid used to be. Remarkable cuisine with impeccable service. Sierra Nevada on tap.

A tour of our old stomping grounds allowed for the shedding of a few ounces of our dinner, only to be replaced with beer. We experienced a couple of new places, and a few we long to forget.

Jon with his bouncer buddy at (to be said with great sarcastic enthusiasm) THIRD BASE [subtext] The Field House (you can see it the guy's shirt next to Jon).

Oh duh, get it? Third base? I just figured that out I think. Well, there's no problem getting to third base with any of the gals cuttin a rug on that dance floor. Some might call it nasty. I explained our anthropological study to my beloved, distracted by the exposed superfluous midriffs. You see, it is to our childrens' advantage for us to be up on the latest adolescent partying trends. The Field House is a remarkable dig site, if you will, to uncover any mysteries of the aforementioned population. *Blecht* and that music! But, as my brother-in-law reminded me, what were our parents thinking when we were listening to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy". My response, at least there was an actual rhythm to dance to without humping the person closest to you. As usual, I could go on.

We concluded the evening with juicy beefs (NOTHING compared to Johnnie's in EP) bought at the cart on the ped mall. We gorged on the balcony of our hotel room, recalling our evening with great laughter and love. As always, always, always, thanks again, Mom and Dad, for the unforgettable opportunity!!


Tara n' Josh said...

Happy Anniversary! It seems like only yesterday, we were dancing the night away at your wedding.

mamafitz said...

congratulations! that's a cool looking hotel. (oh, and i was thinking of jon the other day -- we joined netflix.)

Doug & Ann said...

It is so much fun reading your blog and checking out your pictures. You do a great job of keeping us all informed! Mom

Julie & Peter said...

happy anniversary! sounds like a great evening in IC. hotelVetro looks totally rad.