Monday, August 21

Tis Been Awhile...

...since I last visited the New Post aspect to this here blog. This day has been a slow yet productive one as I've dabbled in my responsibilities (rather ADD-like) and played a bit too.

Get this (as my old pal Julie and I once said): I've been wondering what the set list was for the Ween show I saw last month. I found it and am currently experimenting with Bit Torrent to download the show. According to the site, the more people to use it the quicker the download? I am perplexed but doing it none the less. Hopefully not totally screwing my harddrive. It speaks of seeds, leeches, and peers. Verbage I am less than used to, but apparently this doesn't stop this curious gal!

Here I sit a few days later listening to the very show I mentioned above, as I finish the post I started. If you're ever looking for a live show, and the artist is cool-and-the-gang about bootlegging, check out Bit Torrent. Actually, I think all bands listed are supporters of sharing live music.

Not sure about you PC folks, but as a proud Macintosh gal, it was first recommended that I use some decoding software called MacFlac or some shit. After a day too many of trying to figure out this jibberish, I did a little research and learned more Mac people had success with xAct-somenumber version. And in no more than 3 minutes I had the entire show in my iTunes JUST LIKE THAT! What fun listening to shows in the early morning, substance-free state of mind. I recall being so psyched that they played "Crimson & Clover" (ova and oooooo-oooo-vah) while at the the Val Air Ballroom that final July 2006 day. Listening to it today made me LAUGH. Hardly the version I so aptly remember that night.

At any rate, I have either a lot I could still streamly share with you, or I could cut it off and save it for another day. I take the latter. Think I'll crack open a cold one and sit on the porch a spell. I'll leave you with a few shots of recent days, the final days of summer.

Dad & Egan

Zany Mama Molly, her necklace, and Julian

Allaire & sweet new GIRL Taiber cousin Georgia Sylvie

Gil & goofy Uncle Nick. Go on, get a picture of him with a real smile. Nick, not Gil. I dare you. Seriously. Twenty bucks.

Egie & Mum

Jude & Egan. They're going to be in a band together. Julian will want it to be a "hair" band but Egan will be all "Dude, I don't have enough."

My buddy Jude and me. See what I mean about the hair?

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julie said...

that hair is tooooo much! LOVE IT! he looks like he is wearing a hairpiece! but em, i have to say you look super fine yourself! that's one hot momma!