Friday, September 1

Toothless T Bone

Since the introduction of Allie's "adult" front teeth, her little guys next to them on either side have been really kicked around. What is the name of those teeth anyway? The neighbors to the big'ns up front? I believe they're just numbers when we go to the dentist. How sad. I hated being referred to as a number when I was in college. Always searching the posted lists for "9597" to see how poorly I may have done on a given exam.

Allie has been relentless and so terribly distracted by getting these teeth loose. Until one day she exclaimed one actually WAS loose! This was probably 6 or more months ago. All her twisting and turning, pushing and pulling, forcing me to wiggle it as shivers ran up and down my back (loose teeth are probably the the one thing on earth that give me major heebie-jeebies) finally paid off. As any good mother would, I'd oblige and wiggle as Allie would insist I not do any sort of pulling. This was last night. Where she gets this idea I don't know. I've never pulled a single tooth of hers. My own, yes. My advice to her last night was to get a tissue and just pull, as I did when I was her age. The thing was hanging by a string (insert shivery sound here).

So she did.

Before she went into the bathroom she said, "I bet I come out looking different!" The first time she came out she had to share her progress. (Again, insert shivery sound here.) After I encouraged her to get back to it, telling her I knew she could do it. Not 10 seconds later the bathroom door burst open with Allie exclaiming, "I did it!!" And she did. Waking this morning with $.50 under her pillow.


Julie & Peter said...

I believe the tooth to which you are referring is Allie's upper lateral incisor, not to be confused with her upper canine cuspid.
(Google, baby. You can trick your friends into thinking you're all smart 'n shit when really all you did was a little Googlin'.)

mamafitz said...

i'm a bad tooth fairy mama -- i always forget. i think i owe calvin a few bucks (we always do golden dollars). he reminds me once in a while.