Sunday, November 12

Baffling (Day Twelve)

The recurring thought traveling through my seemingly vacant brain is what, say, a cat or dog says in different languages.

A dog barks in Spanish? He says guao, guao.

A cat meows in Germany and she says miauen or jama when in the presence of Swedes.


Courtney said...

Hi Emily! I'm a friend of Julie's in NYC and I've been reading your blog!!! Just FYI... anyway, did you know that all kinds of animals are heard differently in different languages! For instance, I think the Japanese hear frogs as "Kero Kero Keroppi," hence the Sanrio character of the same name. I could be wrong about the exact sound, but I know that it's all animals, not just cats and dogs! How freaking cool, eh?

Courts said...

PS - I don't know why you can't click through on my name there... try this one.

mamafitz said...

have fun here:
and find out what the animals say in just about any language. :)