Monday, November 20

Cures what ails ya (Day 20)

Wow, we're really coming to an end with this post-a-day business. It's been fun. It's been fun exploring what I can whip up each day to either make myself look stupid or anger my poor husband who really struggles with understanding why I put myself out there like this.

Ah, whatever. You only live once.

The grand finale of my trip to Chicago was not knocking on the door to 1733, only to be greeted by the sweetest couple we sold it to, being shown around to admire all the changes they've made, and leaving with a case of Smart Water.

It was Johnnie's. Johnnie's Italian beef.

"One beef, regular (This time. If I weren't about to dine on the juicy goodness while driving I would have ordered it juicy), hot, and fries."

I practically teared as I unwrapped Her Greasiness. The. Best. Beef. Ever.

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