Wednesday, November 1

The fading high (Day One)

It began with costume declarations after Halloween '05, followed by a visit to the pumpkin patch, finding costumes, purchasing mad amounts of candy to assure plenty of left overs, carving - this year's design by Allie - and of course The Day Of preparations with last minute face and nail painting.

Halloween is finally over. The hysteria of every costume detail has magically disappeared. Give me a minute here while I catch my breath. It's a lot for a gal to get through, okay?

In reality, the delirium lingers with the two paper grocery sacks a quarter full of assorted Halloweeny goodness. Last night while walking the streets, Gil announces, "I love the smell of this bag."


Julie & Peter said...

Righteous jack'o lantern! And I dig your mama costume. Way to get into the spirit.

mamafitz said...

such a good mama -- carving pumpkins. we never got around to ours, so now we are decorated for thanksgiving, right?

great costumes -- i was a pirate too!

Anonymous said...

Gil looks like ETHAN!! Great idea to draw on his PATCH.