Wednesday, November 22

Muh very first Tanksgivin - a list! (Eve 11/22)

1) Turkey to soak in brine over night.

2) We've about an eighteen-pounder, who will need to roast for like 5 hours, unstuffed.

3) Although my mom talked about doing the stuffing, so we definitely need to coordinate on that'n.

4) I'm going to attempt a rub done by my MIL last year that made the bird even more delectable. The trick for this one (or perhaps all, I'm new here) is to rub betwixt bird and skin.

5) I got all me spices in which to create said rub; when combined smell curiously like body odor.

6) Picked up a middle of the road, really nice en mi opinion, roasting pan. It came with a rack and two hoisty-prong-type-things to lift the bird.

7) We have a baguette to serve with brie and a couple choices of cheese to place atop some water crackers and melbas in order to munch upon prior to the meal. We received a coupon for a dollar off a bottle of wine from the store where we ordered the turkey, so I think we'll have some nice spirits to accentuate the appies and meal. Bud Light too, no less.

8) My sides will consist of roasted brussel sprouts, green bean casserole (of course), shoepeg corn (a wee bit of tradition thrown in via me mum's side), mashed new's with skins (request of my beloved), an Oriental salad, tasty french rolls via Trader Joe's, some stuffin, and some pies from the folks accompanied by Hansen's ice cream.

9) I believe I'll attempt some gravy. Wish me luck. People make it seem like quite a feat.

10) In the spirit of the season, we will recognize all we've to be thankful for.

Best wishes to all as you prepare your own meal, assist with the meal, contribute a dish, partake in ingesting the tender vittles of the day, and travel locally or long distances. The fact that most of us can relate to this is something to be truly grateful for.

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Doug & Ann said...

"...partake in ingesting the tender vittles of the day..."

Mmmmm, Tender Vittles!