Monday, November 27

Next best glimpse into the world of drug addiction since Requiem (27)

What with my terribly taxing occupation, it's quite difficult to steal a few moments to sit and do nothing but watch tv.

Today I made us late for Capoeira as I could not peel my very eyes from today's trainwreck of a story on Dr Phil. Twin sisters and their heroin and crack addictions. One being six months pregnant.

It is my life's ambition to be a social worker, yes? These types of stories grip me like nobody's business. Cops. Dr Phil. Elimidate. And sometimes sometimes even the debaucherous Jerry Springer. Why? Because of how tragic these peoples' lives can be. I'm not watching as a voyeur, but rather through a therapeutic, empathetic lens.

I guess The Good Doctor has these people holed up in a house of his very name for an intense intervention. He watches them Big Brother style as they bad mouth their therapies and dream of the day they get out for their next fix, struggling every minute through their wretched withdrawls.

It's my understanding we can observe these little rodents in the maze for a few days.

If you're looking for me around 3 pm, you'll know where to find me.

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julie said...

who is doing Capoeira?! i have been wanting to take a class for so long!