Saturday, November 4

Oh yeah, you're so old. Duh. (Day Four)

The man I accidentally stumbled upon way back in 1997 is thirty today.

He has evolved from the line cook with his head covered in handkerchief, to the father of our daughter, then my husband, onto the father of our two boys, and finally, my life partner. My mate. The man I will spend the rest of my life with.

My beloved.

Fate. Fate heavy in action. The hippie party girl waitress living on a shoestring and the highly driven, 4.0 earning, future CPA.

Let's throw them together, snickered the gods.


My how things have changed.

Inject three children into the mix and you work that much harder. We've got a phenomenal thing going here. A thing we are forever teaching eachother about. A thing we consistently remind ourselves exists. A thing that challenges us daily. A thing we are growing to appreciate more and more every day. A thing some even skepticise. Jerks. We're the only ones allowed to do that.

Here's to you, my love.


mamafitz said...

thirty? such a baby. :) my sweetie was 39 on the 2nd.

happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

OK, this photo still makes me laugh aloud!! I have looked at it like 5 times and I laugh each and every time. Love the action shot! We have SO been there done that!! Hee Hee!! Har Har!!
Your Sister

julie said...

i love you guys! you are a keepin'- it-real-inspirational family! rockin'!