Thursday, November 2

Potty mouth envy (Day Two)

How come some people get to use fun curse words on their blogs and I can't? Do they not have family to disappoint? Disappoint so much they swear they'll never so much as look at their blogs again? I am constantly CONSTANTLY reminded by those in my life that this blog can, in fact, entrap me not only in familial expectations but apparently future employers, The Law, and God.

I'm just talking about bad words here, people. Not defamation.

I wonder at what point these seemingly courageous, outspoken writers, LOVING MOTHERS, ADORING FATHERS, take the plunge in the naughty potty-mouthed pool of four letter words and funny analogies about various body parts and illicit drugs that make people like me ROTFFLMMFAO. I envy their ability to really emphasize their point with these said words. They have impact. It's like going to The Vagina Monologues and being instructed to repeatedly shout one word, as loud as possible: cunt. The point is to reclaim the word, not offend everyone and make people uncomfortable. Or maybe it is. Only at first.

Navigate the evolution with me:

1) (blushing, blood boiling) Oh that bothers me. How despicable.
2) Jeepers this word is fun to say. Together. Out loud. REAL LOUD.
3) Hey, yeah. What's so bad about this word anyway?

As you check out the 87-year-old woman next to you shouting in unison.

Come on, who made all these words so bad? Connotations. Labels. We are a society ridden with taboos.



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Emma said...

I talk about all the horrible things I do on my blog, my family would be horrified if they find out that's why I don't tell anyone who would come in contact with my family that I have a blog.

Also luckily for me no one in my family likes the internet as much as I do, they make fun of me for it.

Here is to hopping they never find me, cause really my blog is sending me straight to hell.