Tuesday, December 19

Expose yourself to religious tolerance

Everywhere I go, every program and commerical on TV, "Merry Christmas!" echos between my sore holiday fatigued ears.

Have you ever stopped a moment to contemplate the affects this cheerful Christ-driven statement has on those on the receiving end? And to that, I'm sure many people are all, "Oh come on. Duh." I know this may come as a shocker, but not everyone recognizes Jesus' birthday. Lots of people don't believe Jesus is worth celebrating. Some don't think he ever existed. Many Christians most likely forget he is the reason for the(ir) season.



It's a startling reminder that:

1) Not everyone is Christian
2) Not everyone believes in Jesus
3) Not everyone considers this man to have ever even existed, let alone reign for all eternity as the Son of God, waiting with bated breath for his second coming. Oh yeah, those are the ones who will burn in hell. I forgot.

Assumed Christianity is unwelcomingly over-penetrating our society.

And for God's sake, religious affliation aside, keep him and his son out of our public schools. Or alternatively, focus on every celebration, educating our children on the importance of religious tolerance.

Happy Eid, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Zartusht-no-diso, Soyal, Omisoka...


Awesome Mom said...

So do you celebrate Christmas? Because that is what the whole celebration is about you know. It seems kind of silly to celebrate a religious holiday if you are so against the actual religion.

Anonymous said...

Being raised out of the church...christmas has always been a tradition that has been celebrated to honor family and friends and reflect on the year. That's what it means to me at least....

My tradition was only started because my grandparents were christians....and we have respected their traditions. But as Emily says....I'm not a christian, nor to I believe that Jesus was the son of God....but yet I enjoy the twinkle of the tree late at night as well as good conversation and opportunity to do so with those I love.

It would be interesting if traditions changed. :)

ps.- this is Meg for those of you who want to pray for my atheist ways. ;)

keepin it real since 1975 said...

Hey Meg! Your point is great: Tradition. Rituals we celebrate based on tradition. Organized religion aside. Although the big JC (and I don't mean Jenny Cooper) may have started Christmas, it's really been interpreted to how each individual or family or group wishes to celebrate.

What I choose to celebrate is not the point. There are many other celebrations this time of year and not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Point being, the next time you choose to say Merry Christmas to someone, consider that may not be their COC.

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Merry X-mas"...why doesn't everyone say "ROCK FISTS UP!"