Thursday, December 14

We're not at all close enough to the equator for this to be anywhere near ok

While many of you are jumping for joy at the mild winter we're having, each time I hear Pat Blank announce "the mid fifties" in the middle of December, I can't help but think back to my youth when the snow began falling on Halloween and continued well into March.

I am not in the least bit happy about this weather.

It's way past the time to start talking. But it's never too late. This is serious. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but this isn't good.

It's called Global Warming and it does exist.

You know that creepy movie about the kids who live on Saturn or some far away planet? And they can't leave their no-windowed house, especially without personally fitted sunglasses, or they'll go blind and burn up from the heat? That's the future I envision for my grandchildren, my great-grand children if we keep pretending nothing's happening.

Except we're not on some far away planet.

Sacrifice. Inconvenience. These are realities we must face when we think of how we can preserve the planet we have to assure it still exists when we're gone.

It was hard for me to accept the unsightly compact flourescent light bulbs in my home. I caved, realizing the light isn't bad at all, relishing the thought of how quickly we'll save hundreds on our electric bills.

What a pain in my ass to forget my grocery sacks, drive back home, and be looked at crosseyed by the pimply faced cashier as he asks over the intercom how in the hell to handle this crazy madcapped woman and the chore I've so totally imposed on his pubescent life.

A wise woman once said, That's the time to educate them on the importance of decreasing waste.

Have any of you listened to the Curious George soundtrack? Jack Johnson sings The 3 Rs and it's great. Such a profound yet simple message to send our young'ns while traveling down the road NOT WATCHING TV, but ENGAGING in PERSONAL INTERACTION. Another topic for another day.

Wash your laundry in cold water. It still gets clean.

Do you truly believe those holiday time commercials with the husband who surprises his wife with the new Hummer? Lincoln Navigator? Cadillac Escalade? If it were my commercial, the wife would slap her husband across the wait. It would be a lesbian couple. It's about visibility, people. The wife slaps the wife across the face, throws the keys at her, rips the big red bow of the roof of the car, mummifies her wife in it, and heads to the closest [with it car manufacturer who understands the importance of reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants] dealer to pick out her new [insert your favorite fuel cell car here].

Shit this stuff steams me.

I could go on and on. All I have left in me right now to say is, it's up to us.

Please join me in educating ourselves on what we can do to FIX IT!


Tara n' Josh said...

Wow somebody's fired up. You could always live closer to the equator to reduce your energy drain. Definitely lower your heating bills. Or you could ride your bike to work, the store, Taco Bell, etc. and just have one car. I wouldn't go out and buy a space helmet quite yet. Remember the meteor that hit the Earth killed off most of the dinosaurs and made it possible for mammals like us to dominate. So who knows what Gaia has in store for us next? Wheel's turnin' and it don't slow down!Least I'm enjoyin' the ride.
PS We use our Safeway plastic bags for trash bags - what is a cotton alternative trashbag? Is there a hemp fiber one?

Anonymous said...

Yes! That was a Ray Bradbury story, I think...and remember that one day there was a solar eclipse and that was the ONE TIME they could venture outdoors WITHOUT the sunglasses and enjoy the flowers for like 11 minutes and then that one kid was stuck in like a closet somewhere and missed the whole thing...Man. Where in God's name would I have seen a movie version of that? Geez...

Jessica said...

Hi Emily -
I'm Kristi H.'s cousin, we've met before but it was a loooong time ago. I browse her links every now and again and enjoy your blog. Just wanted to say this was a great post. Today my husband and I saw someone golfing! On December 16th! In Minnesota. It's really getting ridiculous. Thanks for sounding the wake-up call.


Julie & Peter said...

We just watched Al Gore's "An Incovenient Truth" so I've got global warming on the brain too. While there's no question that humans are heating up the planet, Gore's message seems a tad too "chicken little - the sky is falling" to me. Now don't get me wrong, I whole-heartedly agree that we need to reduce, reuse and recycle, but the planet has gone through major atmospheric changes long before humans were around to cause or be blamed for it (ever hear of the ice ages, people?) so my point is this: the climate is changing but what if that's just part of the earth's natural evolution and we humans just happen to be speeding it up a bit? Now if you'll excuse me I have to go change my son's disposable diaper, wash some clothes in hot water, throw out my garbage full of bottles and cans (I live in Chicago, we don't recycle) and gas up my SUV. Go ahead and unleash the shitstorm on me...

Doug & Ann said...

The weather always changes. One warm winter doesn't prove global warming. Neither do several in a row.

In fact, as the climate warms the middle of North America will probably become colder and drier due to changes in the ocean currents.

As Julie and/or Peter said, it's natural. The thing is, human activity is adding to the problem.

Read Collapse by Jared Diamond. It compares civilizations and why they failed or survived.

Courts said...

Great post! In response to Julie & Peter and Doug & Ann's comments - of course the Earth goes through natural changes, but not so quickly over the course of even one hundred years. The fact that we as humans, with life spans of just over 70 years, are noticing relatively drastic weather changes is cause for enough alarm to treat this planet and our fellow humans and our children with respect. "An Inconvient Truth" isn't about regular old natural changing weather patterns, nor is the threat of global warming. Ice caps are melting, the polar bears are going extinct and governments are finally, FINALLY, taking notice and making strides in being accountable for their citizens' responsibility. I find it sad and hard to believe that a couple like Julie & Peter have a son and don't care enough to do their part to take care of the planet he will inherit. That, my friends, is irresponsible parenting. I am so tired of people looking for a fight when it comes to holding dear their conveniences and not helping to hold accountable those companies (GM, oil companies, and the like) that are helping to destroy our home. What is wrong with seeking out a recycling program? What is wrong with trading in your SUV for a hybrid? Why does it seem to be "cool" to be against taking care of the Earth? Emily, the small inconveniences you experienced to do your part are nothing compared to the huge inconveniences we'll experience if everyone isn't doing their part, whatever they feel that is as long as it's positive. Kudos to you, Em. J & P, You probably won't see the worst of it and maybe your kids won't either, but when you are a grandparent and looking into the eyes of your grandbaby that will inherit this world, I hope that you can know in your heart that you did your part to make their life easier and joyful. Do your part. This is not politics, this is about taking care of our beautiful home. Although ultimately, it's about taking care of each other because no matter how we destroy the Earth, we'll destroy ourselves long before that. And the Earth will most likely bounce right back.

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