Sunday, January 14

Booze me up and get me high

[The song currently playing on Ween Radio ]

Come again?

Sweet Mary Mother of All That is Holy. We have snow. Softly, quietly, serenely, it falls creating a peaceful hush about the neighborhood. A car silently passes, the typical sound now muffled by the fluffy goodness that blankets the roadway. Cars become boats swooshing past, creating puffy swirling snowdust clouds in their wake.

You will never hear me complain of the snow like I complain about George Bush and his rehearsed speeches and what he and his administration are currently and have been doing to our country. Especially when he's on 60 Minutes wearing those ridiculous loafers. Oh no wait. He's on vacation at Camp David so the loafers are ok. But the fact that he's on vacation right now is nauseatingly inexcusable.

G-Dub can don his loafers and jean jacket and head straight to Iraq. Bring yer shotgun, Chief.

George W Bush will not ruin my beautiful snow-filled evening. Nothing can ruin the natural beauty that is outside.

And as I close, Waving my dick in the wind begins.


Tara n' Josh said...

"prerehearsed" is not a word. The definition,

1. to practice (a musical composition, a play, a speech, etc.) in private prior to a public presentation.

implies that it happens BEFORE a performance, therefore nullifying the need for the prefix "pre."

Me & My PPPs said...

what's wrong with loafers?

D&Z said...

Emily- got your post on my blog- had no idea you were getting yourself into social work! Beautiful family -by the way. We should chat sometime.