Wednesday, January 24

The ever busy toddler

As I sit here, having taken Egan away from the joy of circling through family room, entry hall, living room, family room, entry hall, living room, family room...opening and closing each door as he passes through saying "Bye", and brought him upstairs with me and totally pissing him off, I hear Egan continuing his reason for living after he escaped my evil clutches and went feet-first back downstairs.

My third-born does not sit still. This morning while tending to my daily ritual called laundry, I caught a brief glimpse of him sitting quietly sucking his thumb as the Sesame Street theme filled the room. I quickly averted my eyes so we couldn't make eye contact, ultimately "bursting his bubble" as my sister called it, and failed. He saw me and greeted me with his syrupy sweet, "Hi" and got up to find the Lightning McQueen car he can't get enough of. This car was a Christmas gift to Gil, but Egan covets it as if it were his own.

Short Attention Span Theater begins as Egan proceeds to his plastic yellow maraca, shakes it while walking to the kitchen only to find his car left on its side because of the missing seat. Having realized this he then goes to Daisy to give her a kiss on the nose, into the dining room, to the kitchen, rediscovers his ditched maraca and begins shaking it as he passes me doing laundry in the hallway. Finally he sits back down atop the fluffy cloud of Kleenex he apparently created while I was cleaning up the kitchen after Allie and Gil trotted off to school.

Insert thumb, afix gaze to Big Bird.

Meanwhile he's still in his super cute hand-me-down zip up sleeper I recovered from my bin of 2T clothes the other day.

Uh-oh. I do believe he has successfully shut himself out of both the living room and the family room, leaving him trapped in the hallway. Yes, he is sitting on the stairs now sucking his thumb.

Mommee to the rescue.

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