Sunday, January 28

Exploring my inner engineer

In recognition of the neverending List of Mother's Responsibilities, please add Engineer.

Santa brought the kids a ZoobMobile replete with all those gadgets and gizmos allowing one to create a movable masterpiece in minutes.

Although the satisfying sound of the pieces fitting craftily together is easy enough to achieve, the process of the particular 12-wheeler design Gil requested we complete together today was not. Interestingly, Gil had no problem following the diagrams, fitting the accurate pieces together. I, on the other hand, had to apologize a few more times than I'd like to mention for my intermittent outbursts of frustration.

Me: I did not go to school to be an engineer!
Gil: We don't have to finish, Mom. It's ok.
Me: No, no. We always finish what we start, Gil.

Aahh, how the life lessons creep into our child rearing days.

I wish I had the digital camera to capture the end result, but it is on its way home from Central America. Lo siento.

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