Monday, February 12

The lone Sprinter rides again

The rigmarole subsided. Jon and I drove out to the Freightliner dealer and service station to pick up the happily idling Sprinter. She sat dwarfed betwixt her tractor-trailer buddies. We were microscopic pulling up in the old start-no-matter-what-temperature-it-is '95.

A super ridiculous amount of pride oozed from Jon and me. After getting a lesson in Tending to Diesel Engines in Subzero Weather and paying way more than Tara, we debated who would have the high honor of escorting her home.

Words cannot express how overjoyed we are to have her back. And we promise to never ever let this happen to her delicate fuel lines again.


Even if that means leaving her running for the suggested 24 hours. Ok maybe one.

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