Friday, March 30

On possessing a stale blog

My days, my days. Where do they go, you ask? Well, after an exhilirating morning of shoving my big kids out the door to school, cleaning up my kitchen, quickly Lysol cleansing-clothing the mysterious urine puddle surrounding the toilet that slowly trickled through the tile grout no one owns up to, going to the gym - Hey! I run again! Not since cross country in high school have I ran!, lunching with my homeboy, picking up after everyone but me, and replying to emails, I am easily distracted by my fellow bloggers and flickr folks.

However this is a sore excuse for neglecting my blog. Not like I'm the USA Today you anxiously anticipate, peering from your livingroom window, stalking the delivery person. No. Nothing like that. I understand how boring it becomes to scroll down your list of bloggers only to find the same stupid post rotting on someone's site for the past several weeks. Or months. Losers.

Hell, it's taken me three weeks to get the pictures off my camera let alone blog about it.


Kristi said...

Good job on the running again! Swails and Dutro would be proud of you!

Me & My PPPs said...

Remember the golden blog rule: Blog unto bloggers as you would have them blog unto you.

Julie said...

i love this picture of you. word. you rock, mom. way to keep it real.

Tara n' Josh said...

hey em, miss you blogging more. maybe you should enter another contest. good pic and kudos on running. miss ya, tara