Tuesday, May 22

I got a new dress in the mail so everything is fine

Walking home after picking Gil up from school, Allie informs me that tomorrow (which is tonight) she has a school play at 7:30..."No 6:30, no 5:30. Yeah. 5:30." Because this ambiguity from her is not foreign to me, I went with it while questioning, "Why am I only hearing about this now?"

Because instantly, when any new plan is injected into my routine, although I am really quite flexible and easy-going, having to coordinate everyone's existence, usually just the four of us home all week, being forced to shuffle the deck can cause me momentary irrationality and overwhelmedness.

And I don't like that feeling. One. Bit.

"And I'm a tree."

"You are joking, right?"

"No, Mom. I'm a tree and I have to be there at 5:30."

"Why didn't I know about this sooner?"

"I know. It was planned late and they forgot to send a note home."

Which is totally believable because it happens. Sometimes.

Meanwhile, my brain is driving in fifth, cruising along, dodging pylons and little dogs chasing balls darting from the curb.

Gil has capoeira from 4 to 5, Allie's supposed to have it from 5 to 6, but she needs to be at school for a 5:30 performance of some sort, and I have golf league that I have to be there by 5:15 for and Katie is coming at 4:45.

Egan is simply The Co Pilot. That's the kid's life as third-born and having won the Most Easy Going award.

Me? Coordinator and Chauffer.

This morning I woke up really late to my brain continuing to figure out how this afternoon and evening was going to magically fall into place, no one being late and everyone getting to where they need to go.

I called Allie into my room.

"I can't go to your performance tonight because I have league." Which is a total conundrum for me because although it's my first night of league and I commited so long ago, this is my kid and she's only eight once and I need to be there for her when she drops shit on me at the last minute.

"I got you!"

Gil standing over me, showering me with morning kisses and hugs, and Egan climbing all over me demanding, "COVERS!" to snuggle for a bit before rising, I sit up almost blacking out.


"I was joking about all that."

Ironically, this made my day.

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Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS....