Tuesday, May 8

In search of delicacies fit for picky tastebuds

Dear Internet,

It has been such an experience becoming acquainted with all of you, despite the various firewalls that part us. I have appreciated your fun stories, narrative fotos, and creative efforts put forth to better our web community.

As many of you know, the unending responsibility of us SAHMs is to develop a dinner menu for our families. This is a task I take to heart and work usually effortlessly at when the fridge is stocked. The problem is, I'm running low on the motivation required to fill that fridge.

I need your help.

Kindly forward me your favorite kid-friendly recipes either by commenting on this post or sending them to taiber AT cfu DOT com. In fact, perhaps we could cultivate some sort of exciting recipe swap that doesn't include photocopying the original one, replacing the name of the person who sent it to you with your own, and sending it to 10 friends or the ailing girl in Kentucky might die.

Awesome, guys. Thanks.


P.S. No known allergies or restrictions. Peanuts, dairies, meats. Send them on!


Kristi said...

I think I might have a few for you Em. And they're super easy. You're not vegetarians are you??

mamafitz said...

define kid-friendly. my kids love mexican beans and rice (well, they'll eat anything mexican), my version of goulash, just about anything with chicken, etc. i can send you a bunch.