Monday, July 9

Sweet Jesus

Within the last few weeks I have managed to drive myself this close to my very own Xanax prescription. Although I haven't ever medicated myself (that way) I've thought about it. What would my life be like? I kind of picture it something like having smoked a joint all to myself before the kids wake in the morning. What do we call that again?

We started off the summer with plenty of activity for the kids and wham! we're into July already. It took me a few weeks to come down from the pressure of signing the kids up for this and that while cruising through my second month of grad school.

On with the gratuitous photo shoot...


Anonymous said...

Life is somethin', eh? We can't do it all, Sister!! And THAT'S OKAY!! :) Little varmints.

Love you,

Tara n' Josh said...

That Allie picture is great. That should be a caption contest or something.
"Man, I got this plane to catch and somebody's painting pawprints on my face."

"Face painting! Sounded like so much fun 'til you see the crappy yogurt container they wash their brushes in!"