Friday, August 10

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ah say cah-wuohw, Mom

Egan's BOC these days is Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe, although he refers to it as "Read. Tractor. Mom." We read about different service vehicles: tractors, diggers, car transporters, dump trucks, and rescue helicopters. Last night as we were reading and we got to the page where we learn the whir whir whirring of the rescue helicopter, Egan instantly said, "Ah say cah-wuohw, Mom!!"

Say that again, said Mother.

Ah say cah-wuohw, Mom!

Rescue helicopter?


As the past several weeks flood my present, I'm not certain but I am thinking the very first day Egan announced ah say cah-wuohw, Mom was after a helicopter had flown over head.

A Black Helicopter. But that's another story.

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