Monday, December 31

Minty fresh

So my blog-turned-real-life-friend Courtney references Dr Bronner's peppermint soap and I instantly giggled thinking of two very specific reactions from houseguests having experienced The Tingle.

Roughly 2004...

Julie: Em? That's soap in that unmarked bottle, right?
Em: Yeah.
Julie: What is it? I got kinda scared washing my [I can't remember the word she used for her nether regions].

This past summer...

Marc: What kind of soap you got up there, Allaire? It made my boys tingle!

And my sister-in-law washes her kitchen floor with it too.

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Brash Lion said...

Wait'll they try it on their BUTT! I think next time I'll go back to good ole eucalyptus as the peppermint's a bit too intense for me... although it does open the eyes in the mornins.