Saturday, December 15


As I sit in a quiet house, only the hum of my computer and the occasional chop smacking of the dog -definitely sleeping somewhere super cozy she knows she's not supposed to be- keeping me company, I am blessed by the presence of a few things floating about my brain. 

Join me.

  • Blogger suddenly has this nifty formatting with BULLETS!
  • My house always, always, possesses the unmistakable scent of shit.  But only I can smell it.   
  • We are to bring a white elephant contribution to a holiday party tonight and Jon suggested the carbon monoxide detector.  
  • My cousin and my uncle continue an e-mail duel of whose the smarter historian.
  • No matter how many loads of laundry I complete, another one magically appears within minutes.
  • Daisy likes to run the streets.  We let her.  And she always comes back.
  • Dusting off the old Flexible Flyer and sharing the ride with Egan made a great memory.
  • Last night I dreamt I received a D and three Cs this semester.
  • Two cats create far more poop than you care to imagine.  
  • Must change laundry load.

1 comment:

D&Z said...

I am with ya on the laundry and the cat poop-geez! Hope school is going well:_)