Wednesday, January 9

What's been our goings-on, you ask?

We've all been battling some wacky virus, passing it generously from one to the other, that either makes you vomit profusely and kick it in 2 days, or sit around nauseous watching the world go by, ho-humly, for like 5 days. You're hungry, kind of, and absolutely nothing but McDonald's french fries sound good. 7up and Zesta's are your new best friend. That's where I'm at. My mind says, Let's do this, and this, and This! But my body's all, Is there a marathon of America's Next Top Model on? Right now I'm watching the clock and telling myself to go to the gym. I'm all dressed, have my bag packed, Shuffle charged with new work out mix, and everything. My water bottle's even filled. But I still can't gather the strength to get off this chair...pretty soon I have to pick up Egan.

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Brash Lion said...

Our minds and bodies are exactly the opposite - my body is craving action, activity, and my mind is saying, "PROOOOJJJJEEECCCCTTTT RRRRUUUNNNNWWAAAAYYYY"