Thursday, May 8

Sign of the times

I am about to be picked up by a fellow graduate to go have some beers in celebration of our accomplishment. However, I am waiting for her to shower while I sit here in the same clothes, pony-bun, and crocheted headband I wore today, after deciding to skip the shower in order to make a timely tee time.

Then a kayak adventure with the big kids thanks to Crawdaddy's demo day. Surviving a few almost-tips got me a little wet. Not to mention the muddy embankment I'd effortlessly glide toward when finishing whatever model I had just braved.

Point being, I want to innocently kick back with a couple of cold ones. Sure I can choke back the secondhand smoke but do I really want to shower before doing any of this?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cheers to you woman!

drinking beers should be #1 priority! Oh... those days that they allowed smoking in Lawrence bars/restaurants....I'm glad they are gone. Cigs are SO stinky!

Seriously...I'm so proud of you with the schooling completion. How awesome for you!