Wednesday, July 9

Egan and the electric meter reading lady

Overheard through the window as I was in the kitchen cutting an apple and Egan was in the backyard

Egan: What's your name?

Meter lady coming through gate: Donna.

Egan: I'm Egan.

Donna: Ohhh...

Egan: I got Emily [the green engine friend of Thomas] for my birthday.

Enthusiastic Donna: You did? That's NEAT! Ok, all done!

Egan: Done with what? See my shirt [pointing at belly]?

Donna: Ok, Egan. See you next time.

Egan: Yep! See you next time! Mom? We goin'?

Me through the window: That's our welcoming committee.

Donna opening gate: [laughs]

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