Friday, September 26

On settling in as a SAHM

Last year at this time I was donning a life jacket as I prepared to plunge, head first, into full-time graduate school. Which is pretty hard to do with a life jacket on. Halfway through the first two weeks I took it off and said sink or swim. Many people sang my praises as they could only imagine undertaking graduate school as a single parent of three kids. Sure its difficult. But truth be told, you can do it too with the proper adjustment period.

This year at this time I am settling into my role as a SAHM. I seriously think it took until this week, maybe last week, for my daily responsibilities and little projects to be caught up before I've been able sit here saying to myself, out loud, because you do that when you're home by yourself all day, "I am a stay at home Mom."

I dusted off my handbook on How to Say No because as a SAHM you're automatically assumed to be available to volunteer for virtually everything. And I, for one, have absolutely no problem saying no. Except to online purchases. And iPods.

I have also begun putting my resume out there because these walls here? They're closing in and really hard to climb.


Sugar Mommy said...

I bet you are VERY GOOD at your current position!

Julie said...

good on ya, momma! you can do it ALL! ;)