Friday, September 5


Last night Jon and I were discussing how difficult it is to remember our kids as babies or little kids. Granted they're all still "little," some littler than others. When you first get them, there seems to be no continuum. The crazy notion of them actually growing to become individuals with whom you can carry lengthy conversations - send your kid to Catholic school and she comes home in kindergarten asking for the exact explanation for creationism - leaves you all, "Wha?" Try thinking of that as you bathe your baby for the umpteenth time, swabbing the last two meals worth of leftovers from under the folds in his neck. It's all so foreign when you start this whole parenting/family thing, focusing solely on diaper changing and cutting portions of food into minute, anti-choking morsels of nourishment. Like how extensively boiling vegetables takes the nutrients out of the carrots or broccoli.

It all happens pretty fast and I'm sure there's absolutely no way of truly preparing oneself for the ride. Gil is no exception.

I totally remember taking this picture of him, being SUCH A BIG BOY! sitting all by himself. I was just recalling his birth story this morning as he and Jon were making rice krispy treats - WITH M&Ms! - to share at school today. Somehow all those details flush from a mom's memory; they're there, yet seem light years ago but also just like yesterday. Apparently they become replaced by current experiences.

Experiences like gaining confidence in casting. This was Gil's favorite past time this summer.

A humbling reminder to continue loving each of my kids even more than I did the day before.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.


Julie P. said...

awww...what an adorable baby picture! happy birthday gilmore! i hope you and your class enjoyed the rice krispie treats -- i've heard that some school districts have banned b-day treats at school b/c they are usually not healthy snacks --- so enjoy it while it lasts.

Todd, Kathy (& Veda) said...

Hey Em. As a new Mom I really appreciate the entry! You probably didn't know that I'm a fan of your blog and a frequent visitor!;)XO kathy sayre laabs.

Tara n' Josh said...

I like your second to last line about loving your children each day more than the last. A great reminder to stay present and enjoy each joy and challenge with love and gratitude. Happy (belated) birthday, Gil!
Sidenote: the school districts that I'm in now do ban peanuts because of all the severe allergies. There can be no trace of them on school grounds! Rice krispies sound like the perfect birthday treat! The rice part is healthy, right?

Brash Lion said...

That made me tear up. :)

Katie and Luca said...

Nicely said, Emily. I've got tears in my eyes!
We miss you guys and hope that we can meet up again soosn.