Wednesday, November 5

Despite the thunder and rain, it is a glorious day

This morning as my snooze was slapped for the umpteenth time, having stayed up way too late, watching The Speech, wiping tears from my eyes, and weathering several rounds of very bumpy goosebumps, Egan crawls up into bed with me as Don Ganye and Michelle Kellerman announce yet again the President Elect.

Egan: They said BARACK OBAMA!

Me: Yep, he's going to be our new president...

Egan: He IS?!

Gil enters the room


Gil [turning out of the room and running down the hall to announce the news to Allie]: AL! AL! BARACK OBAMA WON!!

Egan proudly announces, eyes wide: I can be the president of the United States...

In light of previous discussions with Egan on Barack Obama, I can proudly say he now knows exactly who Barack Obama is.


Julie said...

this entry reads like christmas morning when all the kids run around excitedly waking everyone up to say that santa has come! that is the kind of emotion this evokes for me. what a fun experience, em. ;)

and that egan...he's just something else! i can hear his tone and speech throughout your story! i'd vote for egan in a heartbeat! tell'em julie staub said that! ;)

Jim said...

Our Ian similarly sort of gets what's going on. There's a child named Baraka in his day care room and he has told us "Barack Obama my friend" and "Barack Obama mommy went to work."

I LOVE YOU said...