Sunday, January 25

What happens when a mother takes a nap

Due to lack of sleep last night after a raucous night out with wonderfully fun friends, I found myself nestled cozily with Egan napping for two hours at Grandma's house this afternoon. Luckily Molly was available to field Allie and Gil's needs.

Allie & Gil ask, "Molly? Can you help us with something?" leading her toward the kitchen.

From the "adult fridge" in the basement they had pulled two bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade, asking Molly ever so sweetly to help open the bottle caps.

"Let's talk about this" Molly replied, saving their lives yet one more time.

After her discussion on confusing marketing and alcoholic beverages (one I likened to Joe Camel and his illustrated penis nose), Gil announced, "I don't want to be drunk at this age!"

I was left pondering the possibilities had they figured out the bottle opener.


Brash Lion said...

Gil is hilarious. Though I really can't wait till Egan can get drunk. I love the new winter banner!!! xoxo

IowaJasper said...

This is what happened to a completely conscious father in the D. I wonder what his wife had to say about that? I know what I said when my husband gave my 9 month old a hotdog.

Julie said...

good one gil! hilarious.
i know that fridge well. i love that your dad has good taste when it comes to beer. ;)