Sunday, February 15

On being duped

I'm thinking I'm beginning to believe our friend Joaquin Phoenix (see previous post) is a far better actor than drug addict. Although who ever said one can't succeed at both simulataneously.

There's been a lot of scrutiny surrounding the antics of Joaquin on Letterman last week. But apparently, have you heard this yet? He's supposedly working on a documentary with buddy Casey Affleck. On what, I'm not sure. My guess is Affleck, co-star from his latest film Gwyneth Paltrow, and a few other close friends and fellow actors are in on the plan. It appears Letterman himself was let in based on the clip of Joaquin taking off his sunglasses and whispering sweet nothings deep into Letterman's ear after what looked like a similar interaction with Farrah Fawcett on Letterman some few years ago.

Everyone says Andy Kauffman would be so proud. Except I don't know much more about Andy Kauffman than he was on Taxi and REM sings a song about him. I'm thinking he pissed off a bunch of people WHO BELIEVED HIS ANTICS. Didn't Jim Carrey do the same thing a few years back in the spirit of ACTING! (insert Jon Lovitz's Master Thespian on SNL circa 1991).

Americans do NOT like being deceived, you guys. Entertainers need to be predictable. Sanitized. Totally censored for us to feel safe. Where would be possibly be without the MPAA and their Disney-esque rating system? Sure, our government can fuck with us for 8 years but NOT our entertainment industry!

Are we expected to believe Phoenix is truly throwing in the silver screen towel and taking up hip hop? Or is it just another extremely talented thespian proving us all a bunch of suckers?

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Tara n' Josh said...

see the excellent film, "Man on the Moon" about Andy Kaufman! It even has the REM song in it! Very interesting story.