Sunday, May 10

Celebrating mothers everywhere

Mother's Day is the one day that I am able to shove off all of my usual parenting duties onto Jon. Without any discussion. From anyone. At all.

There is nothing sweeter than the handmade crafts my kids make. Except maybe when they bring me breakfast in bed, each one asking me, "Can I have a bite?" "Can I have one?" "Are you going to eat that?"

After graciously receiving my personally predetermined, menu-specific Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed, I requested not to see my family for the rest of the day. Jon and brother Nick took the kids out to a friend's farm while I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my sister-in-law's sunny back yard with other mother friends laughing and talking for 6 straight hours. Drinking beer and eating pizza.

And wouldn't you know? We talked about our families almost the entire time. We also had to remind ourselves to stop offering to help wash each other's hands, cut up each other's food, or put our drinks into sippy cups.


Kristi said...

Happy Mother's Day Em! Sounds like a glorious day!!

IowaJasper said...

I want an invite next year

Brash Lion said...

Aw man! I'm so bad with remembering that um, now I have FRIENDS that are Moms!!! I hope you had a lovely Mommy's Day, Em. xoxoxox