Wednesday, August 26


Such the relief is sending one's kids off to school for the very first day of a new school year. Welcome Cliche Fest '09. Every parent-friend of mine on facebook documents the same milestone with photos and status updates, commemorating another summer over and a new year for students everywhere.

SAHMs or Ds, whatever the case may be, feel they can finally tackle the long awaited list of Shit To Get Done Once The Kids Go To School. Me? I call your bluff. Many of you are probably still sitting in your pjs with your Us Weekly on your lap only midway through your pot of coffee. Or maybe its whatever trashy cable program suits your fancy. One you dare never watch when the kids are in the house.

My mornings as of late involve combing over divorce petition and stipulation details. I too am embarking on a new year. Jon and I have finally decided to end the marriage we started ten years ago. Never fear, though. We are ridiculously amicable and looking forward to our continued partnership in parenting, albeit individually. But together. We are still a family. A nontraditional one at that. No need for apologies or heartache. Because, although it was a difficult to decision, we know it's right for our kids and us.

Gotta go. E! News is on.

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Yogimama said...

wow. good luck on the journey ahead.