Thursday, April 29

I have an assignment!

An acquaintance friend of mine out in Brooklyn is an editor of erotica. She compiles stories filled with various themes involving hot steamy sexy stories Penthouse Forum has a hard time topping. I think her resume includes editing Penthouse Forum. Pardon the use of "hard" and "topping." That'll make more sense in a sec.

One of the many things Rachel does is travel the states conducting workshops on just how one successfully writes a story of erotica. And one time? I went up to Minneapolis to kick it with my friend Courtney, also friends with Rachel, because Rachel was in town giving one of her workshops at a local Uptown dildo shop. Honestly, you guys, my initial thought was YEAH! The perfect reason to get to Minneapolis to see Courtney AND see what Rachel is all about!

I believe I missed the memo informing me "workshop" entails you, as in me, actually participating in the shop of work.

Me: Writing? No biggie.
Me: Oh.

Although I'll spare the gory details, I will share the image of the Catholic girl in me burying her beet red face anywhere she could so as to not make eye contact. With anyone. Especially the 50-something balding man with Jeffrey Dahmer glasses, white unmarked van parked outside, detailing his erotic fantasies with the entire group. That's how I took every story each brave soul shared. No one else existed in the room but me. Like they were whispering each dirty detail to me in secret as I squirmed doing my best to slither away. Spotlight shining straight down on me as they described the intricacies of the wet dream they had had the other night.

Except for Courntey. Pretty sure her humor disguised the naughtiness, allowing me to laugh. Catholic, remember?

On to my recent assignment. Rachel is now conducting a virtual book tour for her latest compilation,Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission. Rachel requested friends with blogs help with her book tour. I have a blog. I am friends with Rachel. This is when I agreed via facebook to do my part to represent erotica writers everywhere. Wait. What?

Female submission. Not sure I even know what that is. BDSM? No idea. Rachel is trusting that I can deliver. So I'll be reviewing the book on May 18. Stay tuned, you guys. This? Should be good.


Courts! said...

That's awesome!!! I live for the shout-outs and I love connecting people. ALL IN THE NAME OF KINKY SEX. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Rachel said...

Thanks for being part of the tour - and you totally don't need to know anything about BDSM, or anything, really, to be part of it. I hope you like it! (But if you don't, there is tamer erotica out there.) :)