Monday, November 1

Day 1: I have no legs

There's something to be said about revisiting things you adored, were fascinated by, or that captivated you as a teen or young adult, as an adult. A grown adult. With kids. And a career. And graduate degrees and stuff. Where staying up past 10:00 pm is considered asinine.

I recently revisited the movie Kids for the first time since I was a mere 20 years-old living in Virginia Beach. My life back then involved waiting tables to stay alive and rolling pennies to make rent. Meanwhile, purchasing a bag of grass took about as much forethought as blinking.

Several friends and I snuggled (whether we wanted to or not) on my sectional to take in my inaugural movie club pick. I'm certainly not someone who selects a film involving The Rock or Jackie Chan - I have no idea why I chose those two names to describe what I don't like in a movie. I'm sure both possess qualities in their acting career that really appeal to many movie buffs. Or not.

Side note: Inception was shit no matter which way you slice it.

Whether our own free will or not, the opening scene of Kids? Set the uncomfortable, seat-shifting, gag-reflexing, eye-rolling tone for the 91 minutes each one of us unpleasantly endured. Some of us peered through the fingers we veiled our eyes with while others turned their heads in utter disgust. No matter how we reacted, each one of us simultaneously rattled off how many reasons why THAT IS JUST SO WRONG!

And I still love it.


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I enjoyed the commentary about what was happening. What made me uncomfortable was thinking "wait, my daughter is almost that age...what if?.." that part scares the crap outta me.
Wonder what all those kids are doing now? They perfected movie smoking at 10!