Thursday, January 27

Not only #1 but also #2

Day one of Daisy's crating seemed successful. Not a lot of options for the pup when she's resting in her very own den - because that's what I hear crate advocates say a dog considers its crate - for about 6-plus hours. However, even after her two walks after the kids and I returned from school and work respectively, there was a pile of shit in the office and a piss puddle in the boys' room.

Let's remember Daisy's shit obsession, shall we?

Lucky for us, we feed Daisy Hund-N-Flocken. There's a reason the company is called Solid Gold. Daisy's poops are solid. And gold.

They don't feed your precious pets THAT at the pound, now do they, Soggibottom!

It's not like pan-able gold or fool's gold, but it's solid. And that's what counts when you're utilizing a thumbless bag mitten outside OR inside, in our case.

After cursing The Maker, it dawns on me to add an early evening walk to her existing Three A Day routine. Maybe she's choosing to toilet in our house because of the cold. Maybe we're not timing the walks to her poops. I hate to blame the victim. While some of you may agree with me and think I'm the victim, I'll give this one to Daisy. Speaking of The Maker, a talking dog wouldn't be too off the wall, now would it?


Carol said...

I am HOWLING with laughter. Hank says, "What's so funny? You're laughing hard, mama. Why are you laughing?"
And I don't know who Soggibottom is, but he/she can settle down. You treat your doggy kindly when she's not "toileting in your house" (and even then, probably with some compassion).

Lynn B. said...

Solid gold. I am howling.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I too read her previous post and was crying I was laughing so hard. Quite a writer, our dear Emily is... Stephie-B

esquiress said...

I can perfectly hear you cursing at Daisy's misdoings while shaking your head at her.

Doug said...

Wow! The hound that lays the golden "egg."

BTW, I don't mean nothin by it but if Daisy was in the pound she'd be waiting for that special needle. Just sayin.