Wednesday, April 26

Eggs or No Eggs?

That is the (present) question. This third baby thing is so different than 1 and 2. Where a new parent is ever-so-cautious with the first and maybe the 2nd, the third learns to take what he can get.

I constantly remind myself that Egan is only 10 months old. Not 1-year, not 2-years, not 3-years, not...just kidding.

He's still a baby. But babies are resilient little creatures that when healthy and no predisposition to allergies, can handle pretty much anything.

As with any literature and the various schools of thought in parenting, eggs are a controversial food to feed your babe. Yolks before whites? Whole eggs? Whites alone due to cholesterol in yolks? After scouring available research, I opted for eggs. And Egan thanked me with his yolk-stained arms, legs, cheeks, and egg-filled teeth.

Now for this weaning gig...


Doug & Ann said...

With no knowledge I will confidently ask, Don't babies need cholesterol to build up their brains, nerves, and other bits?

taiber 5 said...

That's the research I found that encouraged me to go on and feed him the eggs. Eggcellent source of nutrition!