Monday, April 24

Spring in CF

On Sunday, we Taiber 5 were all able to get out and enjoy the sunshine day of spring.
We went to Hartman Reserve to explore the trails, canoe, fish, track deer, look for osprey perhaps returning to their site of origin, and observe turtles in their natural habitat...all by way of our excellent bike trail system here in CF.

The kids and our next door neighbor buddy Tate just love climbing our magnolia, who's (whose? I'm so bad at that.) petals are just now falling due to a building rain storm we're supposedly getting this evening. Today, though, I spotted a few blossoms about to burst on the apple tree in the back yard. It'll be great to watch the progression of that tree now that the magnolia will be all leaves in a few days. Not only the tree, each day we see something new popping up in our yard. I look forward to getting our landscape plan and getting busy on our yard. Until then, I'll sit on my porch, sip fine wines and sweet tea, and listen to the plants grow with my husband; and Molly, Nick, and Julian if they should stop by.
Spring has been a great experience this year. Last year, before we lived here, we were reliant on our local family members to keep us posted on the growings-on, what with our flowers and constantly green and semi-wild garden. The perennials have been a sight to watch unfold after their dormant winter. Jon thinks he can hear them growing at night. I say it's the night crawlers I've spied on with the night vision on our video camera.

The backyard photos were shot by the one and only aspiring photographer Allaire I Taiber.

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