Friday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo

A great friend from my past has finally responded to my many attempts at reconnecting. My dear Mitchell. Haven't heard from him in what feels like 10 years. He holds a part of my memory that no one else does. Spent lots of quality time with him laughing, dancing, [etc. etc.] all while listening to awesome music. We even starred one summer as "The Sublettors!" I laugh at the many thoughts of that summer, as the soundtrack plays on.

...To Mitch. May he return safely to Iowa so that we may once again laugh, dance, share new music, and do what we do best. Or at least attempt it at our ripe age of 31!



Doug & Ann said...

Hey! That apartment you and Mitch sublet was right behind St. Patrick's. I'm not sure, but that might be your place in this picture.

taiber 5 said...

I think you might be right. Those apartments would be the Firestone, yes? At least that's what everyone referred to them as.

You know, the whole summer we were there, stagnant water sat in the dish washer.

Doug & Ann said...

There's a courtyard with one set of apartments on the north (Firestone) side and the other on the south (St. Patrick's). I don't remember which side you were on.