Tuesday, May 9

Family Time in CR

I've been emailing with an old high school buddy, and we've been discussing working vs at-home parenting. What better to do on a rainy morning? Interesting dialog. Well, it's really been my stream of consciousness in response to her statements or questions. If I must: As with many topics of discussion, critical thinking is my best ally. I possess a firm belief in the "two sides of the coin" cliche, while sharing one perspective and conceptualizing the other.

I'm all about sparking controversial conversation. Did I just admit that?

Any takers?

This weekend we went to CR for Grace's First Communion. Such the goddaughter I have. Truly coming into her own at this her 8th year. I can hardly believe she'll be NINE in October.My memory of 9 is there. Bits and pieces, yes. Yet I feel so much older and foreign to her...all while trying to be her buddy, aunt, godmother.

Seated next to my parents and grandpa, the ceremony was very enjoyable. Grace and her fellow communicants were adorable. So gentile...jen-teel. With the exception of the Jim Carrey-esque crowd pleaser. Following mass, Jon, the kids and I got coffee and pastries to tide us until lunch. Meanwhile, Steve had sparked up the grill for lunch. Everyone, including many from Steve's side traveling from Chicagoland, spent quality time discussing this, that, and the other on the Cooper's back patio and yard.

I ended up leaving my glasses there and, after dropping Jon off in CF, the sleeping kids and I turned right around and headed back. Steve grilled up some eats once again and we stuck around for dinner. Egan is starting to crawl backwards now. He spots a target that lies before him and realizes he can't go forward. So after contemplating the impossible, he travels backward, arriving to yet another object to occupy him.


Doug & Ann said...

Now I know what I'll look like if I ever go bald!

mamafitz said...

have you read Perfect Madness? i think you might like it.

Tara n' Josh said...

I thought CR meant Costa Rica.. a bit off.
Immersion camp = good
Living in a foreign country for a month = 100 immersion camps
Staying at home is great! Sign me up! Wait, I have to pay a mortgage and water and light bills? Who are you talking about staying home?
I gotta get a new identity so you know it's Josh and not Tara..