Tuesday, May 16

Mother's Day

We had a delightful Mother's Day! Jon assured me my usual duties were going to be handled by him...which they were. Although Egan sat in the same diaper for longer than I care to share.

After a leisurely morning, we piled into the Sprinter and headed north to Waverly for the Mother's Day Brunch at The Oaks. We joined the In-Laws, comprised of Jon's siter Julie and her adorable daughter Lucy visiting from Michigan, Tom and Sue, and the Z's. Hobnobbing with the locals was gratifying as usual, exchanging pleasantries and meeting family members.

It was rather cool and slightly misty outside, so we were all indoor-bound back at Tom and Sue's following the brunch. Jon and the kids played Animal Dodge Ball in the basement, which was a gas to spectate. Jon's rules were that he'd play with the kids, but there was to be no crying.

The usual turn-on-the-tears-and-let-em-flow Gilmore handled the instructions like a champ. He was empowered by his knowledge of the game, shouting at Allie her violations while crossing No Man's Land to "shower" her with ammo. Even when he got "hurt" (hard to get hurt by a Beanie Baby) there was a moment of inexcusable whining, followed by immediate reentry into the battle zone, ducking behind his bunkers each opposing side relied upon.

One day excused from my multiple roles was a much needed gift. In addition, I learned I will be receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers each month "to honor me every month for all I do for this family." How thoughtful is my beloved husband? And I thought I wanted an iPod...

From time to time I feel sorry for myself in my current position as COO/housemanager; having the tremendous responsibility of tending to house, home, and family alone while Jon works so hard for us in Chicago 4 days a week. It is an adjustment and a gradual realization that I must also focus on myself, not forgetting my own identity. But this weekend showed me, once again, what a wonderful life I have with my family, especially in my career. I am grateful for Jon and all he does for this family, and overjoyed at the reality of what I provide my children being home every day. This is the perspective I mustn't forget.

I still think Ruth Fisher said it best, "Motherhood is the loneliest feeling in the entire world." But it is also the greatest gift a mother can give her children. To be available, accountable, reliable; to meet their needs as they grow. This is an immeasurable responsibility. And it is one I intend to look back on with pride knowing I did my very best for my children.

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Tramu said...

I just happened upon your blog randomly, as sometimes happens. Incidentally I'm in the earliest stages of my first pregnancy. I'm scared to death of the changes that are already happening to my 23-year-old body and worrying quite a lot about what kind of crazy mother I'm going to be. Reading your mother's day story was some ointment for that sore, thanks. If I have a family like yours and experiences like yours to look forward to, I'm probably OK. Thanks!