Monday, May 22

Canvassing, Weaning, and Waiting for my Floors to Dry

With John Lennon crooning in the background, the main level of my home has clean floors. It was that time in the quarter. That, and our bathrooms had the unmistakable odor of little boy urine. A smell I only knew from a family friend's bathroom growing up...until I had a four-year-old boy.

Even my bedroom floor no longer has breastmilk puke stains in the areas I thought I wiped clean at the time. My theory is breastmilk doesn't stain...except the thin layer of crust that stays on the wood until its actually mopped. Vinegar and water. My cat doesn't know what to think.

I completely weaned Egan as of Thursday. This proved difficult at first, even with the one feeding we were having first thing in the morning. Yesterday I swore I had mastitis. But today those ducts are growing smaller (growing smaller?). Egan digs his soy milk in his sippy cup first thing in the morning, before and after nap, and before bed. We can now rock in the glider and enjoy the sippy cup we once nursed in for 10 months.

I believe the transition has been tougher on me (and my family!) than Egan. Physically: soreness, tenderness, ocular migraines, headaches, low energy levels. Thankfully no redness or fevers. Emotionally: major mood swings and irritability. Wait, that sounds like me all the time.

This weekend I expressed my political joy to Jon. Maybe it's because I'm more interested or maybe it is because I'm back in Iowa. The land of yard signs during campaigns just gets me going. I have yet to learn more about others, but for now Ed Fallon has my vote for governor and Denise O'Brien for Secretary of Agriculture. When Egan wakes from his nap and has lunch, we will go for a bikeride to drop off some OBrien yard signs for community members. Good people. Good causes.

More appropriately, the title of this post should have been reversed.

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