Wednesday, June 14

Our Weekend in Culver

Allie T freezing her little tush off in the barely-warmed waters of Lake Maxincukee.

After a long day of braving the sandy, sea shelled bottom of the lake, Allie and Gil retire for an evening of indoor fun with cousins Charlie and Michael, and of course the rest of the family there this weekend.

The kitchen has always been a common corral for the play...

...and of course eat! (Egan in a high chair I sat in myself!!)

Jon creating great joy throughout the house by obliging to take the kids on an over-requested boat ride.

With a couple of icky rainy days, we were homebound. This meant choosing from one of the many activities the Kelly's can come up with that have been enjoyed for decades. I can now sit at the card table (ANY card table) to play Euchre, taught to me by my Aunt Jane, Cousin Courtney, and her dear friend Noah.

Kings in the Corner...

...and an impromptu sing-a-long to the Sound of Music. My grandpa has the most beautiful vibrato you've ever heard. And he's still got it after 80 years and going strong!!

The basement held great and competitive ping pong tournies, including Around the World (I think that's what it's called). I'm just sorry I don't have a picture of the event.

Blow Ball, the Dictionary Game, and Spoons are other family favorites, that I also don't have a picture of. You'll just have to trust me.

As my grandparents, Uncle John, and I were playing cards on Friday night, Jon's phone rang. Much to my surprise, long time friend Julie Pedraza called to announce the early birth of her baby boy Peter Pablo II.

The girl had an AMAZING birthing experience. I invite you to read her blog, link found at right. I am so proud of her! All while she was pregnant she'd ask the usual unsuspecting questions a new mother thinks about days before delivery. We talked about breast feeding and what she could expect. Julie and Pablo are doing great, finding success with each new day! I can't wait to meet him in July!!

Sweet little feller.

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