Tuesday, June 6

Worth Sharing

Gil has had a cluster of small common warts on his left knee for the past several months now. In my attempts to treat and irradicate them, I purchased Wartner; some new-fangled OTC freezing treatment...and not the "for kids" formula either. Don't be fooled by the angelic child enduring her "one time" treatment on the website. Mind you, her mom is to hold the chemically steaming spongy pad to her wart for 15-20 seconds.

The poor kid. Last night, we tried two times. Following the initial sizzle of his freezing skin, Gil was having absolutely nothing to do with this. The second trial application was preceeded by a bribe for a bowl of ice cream "bigger than Dad ever gives you!" Who wouldn't jump at that? Especially a Taiber! This was so very tempting to my Gil. After about 15 minutes of rationalizing with a four-year-old, he began saying how badly he wants his warts gone...and his desire for the bowl of ice cream I promised him.

The drama was concluded by my explanation of an alternative treatment we used with Allie when she went through her bout of common warts. Gil was all for it, waking this morning and asking me for the Wart Stick.


Doug & Ann said...

Where'd you hear about Wart Stick, I wonder? Use lots of it and cover it with Johnson's adhesive tape that won't come off the sweatiest foot. I don't know about knees.

Katie said...

I just discovered my first wart ever sitting there on the side of my thumb. It's really ugly and hurts a bit too. I'm trying Compound W but may switch to the wart stick if I don't see results soon. Tell Gil I sympathize with him. Warts stink! See ya in July, Mama Em!

KT Fiore