Wednesday, September 6


Today I had a friend request we not drive the Sprinter to a surprise party she's throwing her husband. Do you've any idea why?

Is it the elephant in the room (or parking lot) she's simply brave enough to talk about? Diamond in the rough? Something about painting the town red comes to mind. Needle in the haystack? When I go to the supermercado and park in the lot, there's no problem remembering where I parked. How many of you can say the same? Sure YOU can exceed 84 mph, but with diesel prices as they are today...

When I'm introduced to new families, potential friends, it goes something like this:

Current friend: This is Emily. Emily, this is so-n-so.
Emily: Great to meet you. I've seen you around, blah blah blah.
Current friend: They're the family with the big red van.
Potential friend: Oh sure!

Many people show great interest. I'm not sure if it's a watch-the-car-accident-at-the-side-of-the-road fascination, or a true enthusiasm for the novelty of the vehicle.

I am kind of --kind of-- tired of being stared at all the time. I've instructed my kids to wave at those gawking at her ruby red beauty. Actually, it's piedmont. Her piedmont red beauty.

Mom: Wave guys
Gil: *waving* Do you know them, Mom?

That wave may soon become the ol' one-fingered salute. I'll bet this is how celebrities feel.


Doug & Ann said...

This reminds me of the story I heard a mom tell about when her daughter was a little girl.

They were at the grocery store. The girl had dressed herself proudly in striped pants, a tutu, a bright green shirt, cowboy boots, and a tiara.

They went up an down the aisles for a while and the little girl finally said to the mom, "Mom, people are looking at me."

Tara n' Josh said...

You do realize that diesel engines can run on biodiesel and be much cleaner? I would think that there are lots of fried food restaurants out there in Iowa with lots of used oil.