Monday, September 25

Free to Be You and Me

Last night I had to confide in Gil as to why all the appendageless Army and Star Wars guys were scattered about the house.

As part of my career, it is apparently in the job description to endlessly go around picking up after everyone you live with. As stated in my highly controversial SAHM post, I am honored to have the ability to be here for my people (as I've been referring to them lately). All of our jobs have aspects we could go on living without doing. But without this aforesaid expectation, our house would inevitably burst at its 100-plus-year-old seams.

And what would come flying out? The Army and Star Wars guys because evidently they fly better without arms and legs.

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Julie & Peter said...

gil is so tall and handsome. you sure jon's his daddy??? hee..hee...hee.