Tuesday, October 3

flexibility |ˌfleksəˈbilətē| noun: • (of a person) ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances

I'm not sure if it was listening to Matisyahu, having successfully paid bills while remembering to post them in Quicken at the delight of my beloved, or having had a great night's sleep in my new 100,000,000 count flannel sheets. When Jon alerted me to major work commitments that will create a shift in the plans we have had for the end of this week I remained uncharacteristically calm, cool, and collected. Yes, I am by nature the Three Cs. But having given birth to my own Three Cs, you know them as Allaire, Gilmore, and Egan, I've become far more easily bentouttashape (BOS) than my old self. Watching home movies recently however, a pastime Allie and Gil just love lately, has reminded me of the relaxed Emily, mother of one child, that I know still exists two more kids later. I just have to reach not-too-deep down to find her, nudge her a bit, and wake her.

Solution mode kicked in, all while simulataneously feeling the love and appreciation I possess for my husband. Since relocating to Iowa--take me home, to the place, I belong. Not West Virginia but Iowa, John Denver. Iowa.--I have my family, my resources, my support system, all around me. And two superior baby sitters I don't know how I existed without. None of this was realistically possible when we lived in Illinois.

Backstory: I have had plans to travel to Wisconsin with several of my sisters by way of meeting up with some of them in Minneapolis. Are you ROTFLYAO? Jon continues to hassle me about my pledge paddle that still lays around here and there while I try to find just the right spot for it ON OUR WALLS. Not only did I have fun stuff in store, Jon and I were going to have a great dinner out before I left. These plans have been in the make for months now and I've been looking forward to them since the go-ahead I received from my life partner, father of our three children, THE MAN WHO WILL WATCH THEM ALL WEEKEND WHILE I'M AWAY.

[insert evil Vincent Price laugh--moooooah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhhh]

I am flexible. I am able to shift from one expectation to a new one. And I couldn't do it without the support of those around me. It can be very frustrating trying to make plans, relying on the arrival of my partner who relies on a sometimes demanding and volatile work schedule, in addition to the inner workings of a one O'Hare International Airport and the most-of-the-time accountable American Airlines. It seems when something has been in the pipeline for a long time, inevitably I am required to exercise my ability to shift. As does Jon. Let this not go unnoticed. But this particular post is ALL ABOUT ME.

Instead of reacting and getting all BOS, I am inspired by my Staub to turn to my gratitude for all I have: a loving husband and partner who sacrifices more than anyone I personally know for the sake of his family; three healthy, beautiful children; a comfortable home that has been my very favorite of all the places we've ever lived; my friend who connected me with two of the world's BEST baby sitters that are more responsible, reliable, and accessible than eternally imagined; my ability to go with the flow; and for family that I appreciate more than they will endlessly know. A family I could never be as flexible without.

In the words of dooce, I [too] write about my feelings.

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julie said...

thanks for the props, em! and the inspiration to start my own blog! coming soon....