Monday, October 2

Hawktober hangover

Yesterday started off with a slight hangover of disappointment from the ball game played the night before. Until we got outside.The sun was a'shining, the high was in the 80s, the wind was a'blowing, and we partook in a charitable 10k family bike ride to benefit local non-profits.The five of us...and the box elder and "lady" bugs that splatted on our teeth and went up our noses. Well the five of us and about 10 others on the family ride. There was also a 25 mile poker ride that Jon and I agreed we could all totally handle had we driven to the starting point. And due to Egan's existence, we were the family with the most members riding. A big purple-wrapped prize package worth millions was presented to us. Inside was a UPS bag, Star_ucks coffee, a bike monitoring -odometer of some sort, a local photographer's gift certificate, plus a number of other small little gifties.

The ride was enjoyed upon our unbeatable trail system here in the Cedar Valley.

Following the all day bike-a-thon, we took the Rig to Waverly to pick up Gma and Gpa T and the Zs for a birthday dinner for our 82-year-young Z. Lucky enough were we to meet up with Nick, Molly, and Julian.

THEN! Once home and kids in bed, Nick came a'knocking for one reason or another and stuck around a bit for some front porch socializing. We were graced by the presence of this fellow. Any thoughts on the specific species?

Plenty of advice has come my way about taking up a cleaning lady. Wow. The image I have of a cleaning lady is really a nanny of sorts named Sarah who would come to my grandparents' to help out. She had horrendous BO and was one of the nicest ladies I have floating around my long-term.

For now, time to sort and start, and reclaim the home I knew before the weekend set in.

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